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Hopefully there will be people in Cardiff who will remember me painting this picture in the streets when I did a little busking. Its an image I sent Neils name sake down at Police HQ, in one of my chase up letters. The title of this one is 'TRY!'

I had a reply from Mrs Ellis of the IPCC this week to the email n blog, to quote ''it would appear that the investigation is still ongoing'' there was nothing mentioned about any time scale for this investigation to be completed within, yet in Jane Carters visit I was told to expect a reply within 3 weeks, oh way back in January 06.

What I find remarkable with all this is that they are always putting you have 14 days or your have 28 days to reply to what ever report, yet they can take forever it would seem to respond to even well 'wots happening'.

Well I had callers to my door today Mr. Thompson from the ole council maintenance dept, callers who banged and rattled and hollered and I did not answer, so they went away ignoring the sculpture in the front garden that has a polite request for the gate to be closed they no doubt left it open with the ''f. you'' attitude and drove off, their little piece of paper stuck in the door jam not through the letter box.

So after I had closed the gate and came back in I wrote a tune on the Piano, some of the lyrics went 'are you proud of wot you did when you stoned that man to death'

So some wag in the council sent out this team and I am supposed to let them in am I. At the meeting with Jane Carter I showed her the bricks with plaster that I found in my hot water heating system, strange how I had that upgraded all of a sudden after her visit and the evidence taken away don't ya think, but I have kept the bricks I wonder what DNA sampling of that would uncover, and which one of the maintance dept put it there and did that individual do it off their own bat or were they told to by the guy who told the last gas engineer not to re-tape the fire surround back in place and made it unusable.

I still havent had a satisfactory answer from that man as to why he said that, after all it seems that the original contractors deemed it appropriate to leave it in that fashion, silver taped to the wall. I wonder Mr. Thompson if any other tenants having the new combi boiler system have had their gas fire silver taped to the wall or have I been the only one?????

So yes I washed and bathed and washed my clothes in that muddied water for a good few months, did they get off on it Mr. Thompson, I mean did they boast about the wonderfull thing that they had done to the other workers did they all have a good old laugh at crazydave expense, just like when Gem Morris had me talk to the head of that division and a gang of braying buffoons were listening on speaker behind him.

I wonder if you Mr. Thompson had had a history such as that you would openly invite more of these people into your home, most especially when the Chairman of the Council refuses to acknowledge that these complaints exist. I don't see the FERRET asking these questions of Mr. Berman over the actions of Council employees, I don't hear it on your radio broadcasts Mr. Thompson, or are you going to make pretend that you have no knowledge of these blogs.

Until this complaint of Victimization by Cardiff County Council is heard in a court of Law I would like an INJUNCTION PLACED AGAINST ANY UNELECTED OFFICIAL OF CARDIFF COUNTY COUNCIL FROM VISITING THE PROPERTY.

Do you think I will be granted such Mr. Thompson, I havent the finances to do it myself or I would and that is something the Justice Minister Edwina Hart ought to have a good look at. As she is going to have cc of the email highlighting this blog do you think she is going to offer advice on how I can have such an injuction, and it not cost me anything, do you think she will have someone move on my behalf on Monday the 4/12/06.

Do you suppose that the Chief Constable will insure that this takes place, or the Crown Prosecution Service, because I wonder what new game they had in mind Mr. thompson, and I havent contacted the contractors to upgrade the fire I want to keep it as it is for EVIDENTIAL purposes.

Oh and yes I have re-taped it in place with industrial Duck Tape its what I use for hanging my banner while I paint them on my wall, and I found the little screw that allows for the gas to flow through it so that its workable, and had I the facility to show it here I would and their lets play games head of maintenance can confirm that the inner screw has to be fully retracted in order for it to self seal with the cover screw fitting over it, so that there is no immediate danger or need for their visit.

Will anyone of the House of Lords Members who receive notification of this blog act to ensure that INJUNCTION is made so or my MP or my AM who have turned a blind eye to all of this suddenly find religion over the weekend and ACT to insure that INJUCTION is in place so these Fatherless children don't play their games at my expense any more.

Still no corporate Complaint number as of today fri 1/12/06 date Mr. Thompson, if it were you would you be satisfied with that, and I sure wanna see if that dept can furnish proof that they sent me emails asking for more information, and if so what ever became of it, and what ever more information would they need that is not in these blogs or in any of the emails I have sent to their co-workers, or couldn't Judith Woodman have forwarded the copy correspondence that she has received to them?

But then it seems that since my praising her for her at least responding to some of the issues I have raised she has all of a sudden gone very quiet. Why's that Crazydave, I don't know maybe Mr. Thompson ought to ask her.

Oh by the way Mr. Thompson looks like I have that DLA appointment on the 12/1/07, guess xmas is gonna be like the last few huh Crazydave yep, just another SOCIAL NORM to ignore, just like in Russia Eh Crazydave only here you can seem the products on the shelves even if you carn't afford them. Whats Xmas Crazydave when your living on the relative poverty line, just a Day to get over and let go of, and look forward to days in the new year when you have good stuff happen and say 'wow this is better than xmas day'.

I am just so glad that I was guided to put up the screen that stops anyone entering the back of the house Mr. Thompson so that I could wait till they had sodded off, without them banging on my back door.

I perceive their visit as harrassment, and if you were in my shoes you would as well Mr. thompson.

So tell me Mr. First Minister of the Welsh Assembly Rhodri Morgan am I going to see that protection this coming week from any further harrassment by unelected officials or employees of Cardiff County Council, Is the Crown Prosecution Service in need of any more to proceed with my complaint of Victimization by the Council or Wilful Neglect by your government, or is this Mr. Llewellyn of CCC going to say but I sent him this letter, last whotever explaining why the silver tape could not be replaced by one of his engineers.

Well Mr. Berman are you going to reply to this blog where you have failed to reply to any other and what about the rest of the Elected Officials at Cardiff County Council are they going to continue make pretending that 'cos you are not in my Ward Crazydave tough luck, you can be murdered by council officials for all we care'

One of the other tunes that came through when these guys went was 'Can you feel it, can you feel it, can you feel it my distain as you walk away'

Love n Light Mr. Thompson



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